Announcing Post Purchase App Launch

Post Purchase app is a new Shopify app that lets merchants gather survey data after a customer has successfully completed the checkout.

What are the uses cases?

There are a few reasons why you might want to ask your customers for more information after they have completed their purchase.

Here are some we can think of:

  • Learning where they heard about your business (eg. Search engine, Facebook Ad, word of mouth)
  • Understanding why they bought from you (eg. Better prices, flexible return policy)
  • Ease of purchase (eg. Too hard to find products)
  • Likelihood of recommending your business to a friend (eg. Great products at good prices)

Armed with this information, you (as the business owner) will have more insight where your customers are coming from, why they’re buying from you, and what will motivate them to come back.

Why use the Post Purchase vs other apps?

Post Purchase is a well designed app based on years of experience in developing apps for the Shopify platform.

We’ve put a lot of thought into creating an application that considers the needs of merchants without creating an overly complicated piece of tool.

Post Purchase also provides a convenient way to report customer responses and automatically generates and sends weekly reports to you.

Data protection

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European Union initiative to protect the data interests of its citizens. We believe that as software developers, it is our responsibility to ensure the products we release take into consideration of data privacy.

Firstly, all data and backups are stored in North American data centers. We only utilize well known IT vendors in PCI-compliant environments.

Secondly, our application is designed to appropriately redact and/or provide copies of personal records for customers if they request it from you.

We do not (and will never) resell the data that our application stores on your behalf.

Future Features

We hope that you enjoy using the Post Purchase app. You can install the app right now and try things out for free. All installations come with a no time-limit use of our Starter plan, limited to 20 orders per month.

Our paid plan starts at $7 per 30 days. All billing is handled by Shopify and appears on your regular Shopify invoice.